Clever, modern and productive webpages - it's what we do and it's why people call us. You have an idea of a business that reaches millions over the world; You have the potential to take off and keep your heading towards your destination. We are proud of making your business fly a little higher.
Dénes Kellner
Web programming
Software development
Gábor Horn
Web pages with Typo-3 engine
Linux server administration
Zsolt Garamszegi
System level programming
Linux server administration
Anita Simon
Web design, DTP
Eniko Huszár
Project management
What we do
Static webpages
Simple, text-based, non-interactive sites with the main purpose of introducing yourself or your company. They're like a namecard. Typically 4-5 pages linking to one another, with the need of allowing the visitor to easily navigate thru the pages, find information he/she needs, print some pages etc.

Dynamic webpages
Anything bigger or more complex than a static page. Usually it's a lot of contents with different kinds of information coming from a database; user- defined or user-configurable lists, charts, impredictable contents (queries), constantly changing information base - typically web shops, galleries, collaboration sites, magazines. Normally these sites also need a content management system (CMS) which can be part of the project or connected thru an interface (if you already have a CMS, and if it's possible to connect with).

Community sites
Content doesn't come from the owners of the site; instead, users generate all (or most) of the contents that other users can see & enjoy. The most obvious example is Facebook. Everything one does can be stored / archived / displayed / filtered automatically and every user can customize what he/she wants to see. It's a huge amount of information, needing not only storage space but also a very well thought database structure and a high performance engine. And you'll need a 24h support & operator service so we must provide something they can work with. It takes more than just a CMS-like admin area, it must be a multiuser operators environment with 100% safety and trackability.

Good things do work.
It's not the efforts needed to complete a product that makes it valuable. What matters is, how much of your time and energy will it save later. Good products aren't always hard to create. Good products are not good because of their beauty, nor because of their high price. It's that they work.

Our work has three basic principles, three requirements that the product has to deliver. It has to be comprehensible, targeted and ergonomic.

In order to be able to concentrate on essential things, one has to comprehend the task itself and the tool which can help him solve it. Because of this, elements of the tool have to be easily adjustable at any time. A good tool makes the task itself comprehensible.

If something can be done easily, then that is the way it should be done. Interfaces which are too smart and too complex not always aid work, or if they do, they do it at expense of other possibilities. We offer exactly the kind of tool for every task which it requires.

Whatever the product shall be, the person who works with it has to take center stage. Task of a machine is to help human labour where it cannot entirely substitute it. Our main principle therefore is, that software has to follow human thinking, not the other way around.
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